Pragma Legal Clients succeed in the Supreme Court

By 2 September, 2016 January 21st, 2019 No Comments

Pragma Legal acted for the Plaintiffs in Tonkin v Heilongjiang Feng AO Agricultural & Animal Husbandry Group Co Pty Ltd [2015] WASC 378 (S).

The Plaintiffs were successful at trial in relation to a dispute with the Defendant relating to the sale of their farm.  The decision delivered on Friday determined who should pay the legal costs of the dispute.  Our clients were successful in persuading the Court to award them their costs and have the “Scale” (a scale of hourly and daily rates charged by law practices that is determined by an independent body of lawyers) uplifted so our clients are entitled to their legal costs in an amount which exceeds the “Scale”.  This can be achieved when the Court determines that the dispute involves “unusual difficulty, complexity or importance”.  Our clients were successful in persuading the Court that the case was of importance because it affected their livelihood.

This public decision is reprinted on our website with the consent of our clients.