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We help our clients avoid and resolve legal disputes so they can focus on what's important. In relation to legal disputes it has previously been said: a pinch of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
That means, it is better to get your affairs properly documented before a dispute arises.

We have prepared the documents below to help you do just that. In every instance it includes one of our lawyers reviewing the document for you within a business day of completion on our website, and without further charge. We look forward to your support.

Deed of Settlement and Release.

A Deed of Settlement and Release is entered into between parties following the resolution of a commercial dispute. This Deed is essential for all businesses and individuals who have reached a resolution in a commercial dispute, and who wish to ensure that all parties to the dispute carry out the settlement’s terms and otherwise protect your interests. The Deed formalises the terms of an agreement and sets out each party’s obligations to settle the matter between them (for example, the payment of money by one party to another).

This Deed gives each party a legal instrument to enforce these obligations under the Deed. For example, non-compliance with the Deed through non-payment by one party gives the other party the right to commence legal action. A Deed of Settlement and Release also includes terms which will ensure confidentiality of the Deed so that the dispute doesn’t re-emerge in future. The Deed also includes a non-disparagement provision to prevent parties disparaging each other following the settlement.

Deed of Settlement and Release $880

Shareholder / Unitholder Deed.

A Shareholder or Unitholder Deed is a Deed entered into between some or all of the Shareholders (in the case of a Company) or Unitholders (in the case of a Unit Trust) which specifies the governance of the Company or the Unit Trust. This Deed sets out the terms of the relationship between the parties, their aims and objectives in relation to the Company or Unit Trust, and how the Company or Unit Trust will manage its affairs and carry out its business.

A Shareholder or Unitholder Deed can be entered into at any time and is a cost-effective way of managing relations in a Company or Unit Trust. This Deed provides a clear and certain account of expectations of Shareholders or Unitholders which, in practice, can reduce conflict between parties, and better protect parties’ interests if a conflict should arise.

Shareholder / Unitholder Deed $1,760

Deed of Non-Disclosure.

A Deed of Non-Disclosure is a deed between two parties that is entered into in circumstances where either or both will disclose confidential information during the course of their relationship. This Deed sets out how parties will maintain the confidentiality of information and when that information will be disclosed. It is generally recommended that all businesses and individuals who need to protect specific information within their business enter into a Deed of Non-Disclosure prior to any confidential information being disclosed.

For example, a Deed of Non-Disclosure can be used to protect your intellectual property such as a recipe, drawing or some commercially sensitive software.

Deed of Non-Disclosure $275

Independent Contractors Agreement

An Independent Contractors Agreement is an agreement between an independent contractor and a principal. An independent contractor is an individual or business that is hired by another business to carry out specific services. The contractor agrees to provide a service to the business on the terms set out in the agreement.

This agreement outlines the time-frame and objectives of the specific services and the method of payment.  For example, the contractor may agree to provide a one-off service for a set fee, or continuing services to the business for a pre-determined length of time for a fee. An Independent Contractors Agreement ensures clarity for both parties around both the service being provided by the contractor, and the responsibilities of the business receiving the service

Independent Contractors Agreement $715


A Will is a written declaration made by which the maker of the will, the testator, appoints a designated person as the executor of the will to carry out the testator’s directions. An executor is also responsible for carrying out the testator’s directions in relation to the division of real property and personal property. A will is also part of an estate plan which is the process of ensuring that the assets the testator has accumulated during his/her lifetime go to the people or institutions wished, in the most efficient, tax-favoured and equitable way possible. A will comes into effect on the day of the testators death.

Failure to have a will means that the assets of the person must be distributed in accordance with relevant legislation. Therefore, distribution will not necessarily favour the intentions of the testator. A will can also appoint guardians for minor children and make directions about whether bodily remains are to be cremated or buried.

Will $550

Share Sale Agreement.

When purchasing or selling shares, parties need to be sure that the sale of the shares proceeds according to all the necessary formalities, with the correct documents. A Share Sale Agreement is a document that outlines the terms of the sale of shares. It informs both parties to the transaction what will happen and on what conditions. These agreements may also be relevant in the event of future disagreement about the sale. This provides a written record of the agreement between the seller and buyer. A Share Sale agreement minimises the risk involved in buying or selling shares in a private company.

Share Sale Agreement $440

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