Professional negligence claims.

Professional advisors (including lawyers, financial advisors, architects and other professionals) have a duty to advise their clients with reasonable care and skill. When you engage a professional advisor, you are entitled to rely on their expertise.

A failure to act with due care and skill may give rise to a professional negligence claim against an advisor, particularly where monetary or other loss has been suffered as a result.

Professional negligence claims are complex, and the standards of reasonable care and skill will vary as between professions and the particular circumstances of your case.

Advance and resolve.

01. Recover losses.

The team at Pragma has considerable experience in assisting clients in recovering losses from a wide range of professional negligence claims. If you believe you have been provided with negligent professional advice, please get in touch with us today to discuss your options.

02. Minimise impact.

We understand that poor professional advice can deeply impact upon your business and/or personal life, and we aim to advance and resolve claims as quickly as possible to minimise this impact where possible.

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