Australian minimum wage increased by 5.2 per cent due to rise in the cost of living

By 15 June, 2022 No Comments

The Fair Work Commission has announced a 5.2% increase to the National Minimum Wage (NMW) from July 1 in an effort to support low-paid workers who are “particularly vulnerable” in a time of rising inflation.

The new NMW will now be $812.60 a week, an increase of $40, or $21.38 an hour. Additionally, the Commission has also decided to increase modern award wages by 4.6% subject to a minimum increase for adult award classifications of $40 per week.

The award increases will take effect on July 1 with the exception of specific industries which include aviation, hospitality and tourism due to “exceptional circumstances”, which will take effect on October 1.

The dramatic increase of 5.2% comes as a result of the sharp rise in the cost of living, with inflation currently at 5.1% and expected to increase by the end of the year.

YEAR NMW increase CPI increase
2022 5.2% 5.1%
2021 2.5% 1.1%
2020 1.8% 2.2%
2019 3.0% 1.3%
2018 3.5% 1.9%

Source: Fair Work Commission

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