These values underpin everything that we do and differentiate us from our competitors.

We are:


We always adhere to ethical best practice and the paramount duty of administering justice.

Savvy, pragmatic and solutions focused.

We provide advice that aims to achieve the best outcome for our clients in the most efficient way. We think outside the square and celebrate our wins.

Leaders in the community.

We provide pro-bono support to people within our community (with each lawyer committing a minimum of 35 hours per year)

Open and transparent.

With our clients. Within our workplace.

Supportive and mindful of each other.

We communicate in a polite and positive way. We support each other to achieve our goals. We take the time to fulfil our individual needs. We foster a caring and friendly atmosphere within our team.

Team players and forward thinking.

We work as a team. We engage with new technologies. We are always improving our knowledge of the law.

Physically and mentally healthy.

We ensure activities and processes are in place to stay mentally and physically healthy.